The Soul That Brings You “New Identity”

Eleonora Linawati
3 min readSep 6, 2022


People tend to see what they believe only by the outcomes and judge the process by what they’ve already seen. Foresee the things they want the most. They only see things they’ve already seen and listen to what they want to hear. They believe in the circle that makes them feel secure, safe, and belong.

What if,

After all this time, we are just a human who limits our beliefs to protect nothing just because we have already grown up this way (?) Or what if, someday, we feel and realize, “I’m not supposed to be here” or “It’s not me” “I don’t belong here” “I don’t want to be (something) or (someone) or _________ (we can fill it ourselves)”

As I grew up, I saw that some of us find our nature and decided to follow our nature to explore the world. On the journey, some of us get stopped because we suddenly realize we find it difficult to prove the “new identity.”

Source: James Clear

(today). I think we (as humans) will always have our limitations in identifying our true selves for a lifetime. To think we have a limit is to judge the limit within ourselves. I sometimes see myself as a human who tends to put my “identity” in fleeting things like money, fame, career, or maybe social status (?) and frequently believe that the path to believing in something “new”, like a “new identity” is a simple and linear pathway. A linear line that always goes up. Belief in a new identity > making progress > getting an output

The real thing about making progress on believing in a “new identity” is that it’s full of experiencing our feelings, understanding our ego, and shaping the way we think. It suffers in the first place to explore many things to fulfill the mind until we understand and get an output. It is actually super challenging and takes a lot of time and energy because we are at the stage of doubting ourselves in believing in a “new identity”.

It is easy to just believe in a “new identity” and make progress, but if we don’t see any outputs, we doubt ourselves, and go back to our “old identity.” After that, we contemplate life and begin to believe in “that” identity. We begin to make progress, and if we fail, we try again; if we succeed, we believe in “that” identity. But then we have another obstacle and fail at that moment. We start to doubt ourselves (again).

Along my journey, I’ve realized that I need to put the word “identity” on a firm foundation, and I believe my soul has found it right. I believe there is a soul within us that is not ourselves. It reminds us to do good, be nice to people, and be kind. The soul helps me to never give up on the “new identity” and I think that kind of “soul” is inside all of us. In you and in me.

Have you found it within yourself?



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