Plan Ahead.

Eleonora Linawati
2 min readApr 9


Even when the future looks blurry and foggy at best :(: (*)

(*) maybe (sometimes), we just need to change our perspective to help us look at the brighter, better things 🦄🌧️⛈️🌈⭐️🌝🌔🌒

“Hope is the belief in the probability of the possible rather than the necessity of the probable.” ― Moses Maimonides, Marshall Ganz

Plan ahead for me, means

  1. Acknowledge the light and darkness — hope is not a blind optimism nor is it blissful ignorance. Hope comes from acknowledging the darkness and the light.
  2. Create record of resilience.
  3. and make a hopefulness plan! (a purpose plan); A plan of the year then divided it into smaller pieces, like, a quarter evaluation, monthly and weekly plan, followed by a day check list 🤓

on PURPOSE plan

  • Career and/or life and/or any history of ourselves; our experiences or current conditions that matter and will impact our future decisions.
  • Identify the compelling purpose
  • Identify career and/or life experiences I had today; how to improve so it matches the compelling purpose
  • Notice what commonality they have 🌚🌝
  • Notice what’s a fulfilling career and/or life for me and what’re the ingredients that make it so 🐎

on (yearly) PLAN

  • What works and what’s not work for me
  • Set at least 1 (one) up to maximum 3 (three) aspect(s) I wanna grow

on (quarter) PLAN

  • What themes emerged this past quarter this past quarter
  • What worked and what did not
  • What did I learn
  • How can I apply what I learned in the next quarter?
  • Last but not least, set (maybe another) goals

on (monthly) PLAN

  • Planning and initiation
  • Shipping, launching, making it visible
  • Completion and integration
  • Rest and reflection

on (weekly) PLAN

besides, the work to-do list,

  • Track my sleep, hydration, and (healthy) food
  • Track my movement and time outside

Did you know; recent research has shown, however, that regular physical activity and movement benefit more than just the body — they actually augment brain function). and ofc, healthy food, enough sleep, and water will help us to have that energy to do the physical activity.

on (daily) PLAN

  • Track physical, emotional, and mental energy. Am I have enough energy to do them well?

At the beginning of the Q2 and easter festive.

Easter is a time of hope

After going into the dark and difficult times of the holy weeks and Good Friday. The risen Lord turns fear and despair into great joy and hopes for the future because the resurrection changes everything.

In the spirit of faith, let us look forward to brighter days ahead. When we do, we leave the darkness and difficult times behind us and embrace each other in love once more.



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